We Bring Beauty To The Surface

About Us

20 Years in business / Commercial Retail Industrial / Local Regional National Global/ Protection, Beautification, Restoration Service, Workmanship & Value Master Applications is a Polished Concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Coatings & Spray Foam Insulation contractor located on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland whose aim is to be the very best at what we do. Our motto is "Committed to excellence". To us this means providing excellent service, excellent Workmanship and excellent value to our customers. It means peace of mind and complete satisfaction when entrusting their homes, businesses and institutions to our professional painting and coating team.

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SERVICE is paramount at Master Applications because in today's marketplace it is no secret that consumers expect not only a top-quality product, but a high level of service when making purchases. That is why we pride ourselves in exceeding service expectations by ensuring that we are accessible, prompt and thorough with our customers from estimate time through completion time with our highly skilled tradesmen. In a nutshell, we work hard to take care of our customers and quite frankly, we have found that this makes them very happy to do repeat business with us. that this makes them very happy to do repeat business with us.


WORKMANSHIP is where Master Applications really strives to outperform our competition. Marginal workmanship abounds where there is no one to challenge the standards in the Polish Concrete Flooring & Epoxy Flooring industry up & down the East Coast. Well, we are the challengers!! Our philosophy is that qualifications, skill and organization are the three pillars of excellent workmanship. Add to these top-quality material vendor certifications, and we have the formula for excellence!!


VALUE is a commitment that Master Applications has made to our customers from day one. We offer detailed estimates, supplementary services and guaranteed workmanship to give added value and ensure our customers are completely satisfied. WE BRING BEAUTY TO THE SURFACE…… AND IT SHOWS!! Master Applications is a leading innovator in the flooring industry. Our specialty is polished concrete, and we provide nationwide, quality concrete polishing services to architects, facility owners, engineers and general contractors. In addition to polished concrete, our services include decorative work, Seamless Epoxy Flooring, Rapid Cement Elite Installations, joint filling and repair, crack repair and rehab flooring demolition. We can even provide turn-key concrete polishing solutions for your new construction projects, reducing your risk and ensuring quality and satisfaction, every time.
With our extensive concrete polishing experience, and state of the art, high production equipment, Master Applications has the ability to handle large scale concrete polishing projects in a timely and professional manner. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding technology, which is why we are dedicated to continuing research and development of polished concrete. We are constantly improving our concrete polishing processes and standards to hone our craft and exceed our customers' expectations and bring beauty to the surface.


Roberts 28 years of service & trainings in the Polished & Epoxy flooring industry have led Master Applications to be a highly specialized project management and consulting firm whose primary mission is to effectively manage its clients flooring assets by providing creative, independent and unbiased solutions.
Robert has extensive knowledge and experience in material specifications and installation methods/standards, while integrating environmentally sound principles in all aspects of design and construction. We are committed to protecting our client’s best interest by consistently evaluating our extensive network of contractors and manufactures to maintain the highest quality standards available in the industry.
Outsourcing flooring projects to Master Applications, Inc provides clients with more expertise than they could reasonably acquire through employees, while avoiding costly overhead and long term traditional employee relations. Through careful analysis, attentive support, and cost effective design, Roberts experience with Flooring Solutions provides the most comprehensive flooring concepts for its clients.
Historically, Roberts clients have depended heavily on the perceived knowledge of salespeople who are employed by manufacturers and/or contractors trying to generate revenue for themselves and their companies. Then subbing out the work they just sold to any one they can find locally.
Robert has no ties to any particular manufacture or process and therefore, can provide a much more comprehensive and unbiased resource for its clients.
The concept of our no ties too one manufacture has evolved from the realization that companies requiring specialty flooring have not had a truly independent advocate to safeguard their best interests.