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Surface Prep

The following concrete surface preparation guidelines, serves as an aide to owners, design professionals, specifiers and contractors. Allsurfaces to receive manufactures sealers, coatings, mortars and resurfacers, must be structurally sound, clean and at minimum, saturated surface dry (SSD). 


Proper surface preparation is an extremely important factor in the immediate and long-term successful performance of applied polymer floor or wall systems. The contractor responsible for the installation of the polymer system shall be provided a substrate that is clean, durable, flat, pitched to specifications, SSD and free of surface contaminants. Providing the "proper substrate" is the responsibility of the owner, the owner's appointed representative and the concrete contractor, unless specifically stated otherwise. Guide Specification for “Cast in Place Concrete for Floor Slabs on Ground That Will Receive Semi-Permeable or Impermeable Floor Finishes”, should be referred to for installation of fresh concrete. Regardless of responsibility, the steps listed below must be accomplished prior to the placement of a bonded polymer system on concrete.

Proper surface preparation includes the following:

  • 1 Inspection of the concrete substrate
  • 2 Removal and replacement of non-durable concrete
  • 3 Decontamination of the concrete surface
  • 4 Creation of surface profile
  • 5 Repair of surface irregularities